Zignaly’s DAO aims to remove boundaries from your crypto investment portfolio

(L-R) Zignaly C0-Founders Rafay Gadit, David Rodríguez, and Bart Bordallo

In 2017, Bartolome Bordallo struggled with his cryptocurrency portfolio owing to a lack of trading knowledge. But he quickly realised he was not alone in facing this situation. It occurred to him that a platform connecting users with expert investors could address this problem.

That was the starting point for Zignaly, an online platform that connects everyday consumers with the world’s top, proven crypto investors in a trusted, facilitated system.

“We started with a bare-bone ‘signal providing platform’ aiming to turn signals into trading actions. This concept caught on, with several investors and expert traders signing up on the platform, giving birth to a passionate and thriving community,” Bordallo told e27.

Founded in 2017 by Bordallo (CEO), David Rodríguez (CMO), and Rafay Gadit (CFO), Zignaly is an expert-managed social investing marketplace. It allows consumers to reap the expertise, leverage, and scale of top traders and funds handling their trading in return for a portion of shared profits.

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“The platform has evolved and innovated the social investment space, initially with the copy trading solution and further refining it with a profit-sharing solution (built upon the Binance broker programme),” he added.

Anyone can sign up on Zignaly.com, connect to one of its top traders, and earn staking rewards on their ZIG token holdings in a few clicks.

The startup claims the platform provides “unprecedented” access to new sources of funds and followers for professional traders and funds.

According to the company, over 300 professional traders currently serve over 430,000 users on the platform who have allocated over US$125 million in crypto assets.

Limitless opportunities in SEA

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most poverty-stricken and underdeveloped regions, which means unequal opportunities for millions of people. Zignaly sees tremendous opportunities to effect a change here.

“We envision a world with financial freedom for all, and in this regard, Southeast Asia is one of the most important markets for us, and we continue to work on expanding there,” Bordallo stated.

“The idea is to get the word out to regional investors on how they can avail multiple streams of passive income from Zignaly. Whether leveraging on our profit-sharing service providers, earning those staking yields on the Zignaly vault, or one of the other products, Zignaly can help elevate the people living with financial constraints,” he explained.

The firm has onboarded several ambassadors from Southeast Asia who will soon share their stories with the community.

Launching ZIG DAO

Close on the heels of its US$50 million funding from Luxembourg-based GEM Global in March, Zignaly announced its foray into DeFi (decentralised finance) with the launch of ZIG DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation).

With ZIG DAO, said Bordallo, Zignaly unlocks the power of its platform and community to extend the range of Web3 investments available to include crypto investing without the constraint of centralised exchanges, NFTs, metaverse real estate, DeFi staking and LPs.

“Why stick to just trading when money managers can help you get the best of yields, make a killing in NFTs or turn up a profit on those S&P500 synths? All that is achievable only if we venture into DeFi, and here we are taking our first step towards our vision to remove boundaries from your investment portfolio,” he shared.

Moreover, the company has always taken community feedback seriously; most of its products are thoroughly vetted and tested by its power users before reaching the community. “Community-driven governance has always been at the forefront of our strategy since the ZIG coin was launched. With the ZignalyDAO, we empower the ZIG token holders with their say in project governance,” he maintained.

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He also added that combining new DeFi features with a community-driven roadmap will enable new forms of social value exchanges between people, groups and organisations (large and small). It will empower self-formed hedge funds, decentralised marketplaces, and crypto & Web3 investment consulting.

“Imagine creating your own hedge fund with friends. ZIG DAO allows that. Also, it enables you to participate in a decentralised marketplace curated by expert traders, fund managers, and crypto investors with transparent reputation stats and track records. Plus, people can collaborate freely around a passive investing model where both sides are incentivised to share the profits,” he went on.

“Other than this, if you’re good at crypto investing, now you can offer your expertise to Zignaly’s community members without creating your solution for managing the accounting of what belongs to who or having to market your services,” he said.

Bartolome has set a growth target of US$10 billion in total value locked (TVL) and 100 million+ monthly transactions by Q4 2023. He believes that the ZIG.DAO, utilising the ZIG token, will generate US$3 billion or 30 per cent in returns from the targeted TVL annually. “This projection stems from Zignaly’s plans to expand investment options far beyond just trading. Zignaly will integrate many vehicles such as DEXs, yield farms, NFT market platforms, and lending/borrowing platforms.”

Zignaly vs DEX

On the difference between investing via Zignaly and via a decentralised exchange (DEX), Bordallo said that while the former allows crypto investors to leverage the expertise of pro traders, a DEX has no pro traders for users to look up to.

“There is always someone to look after your financial interests at Zignaly. At the same time, you’re on your own on a DEX. On a DEX, only the fittest survive, and the weak are liquidated. On the other hand, the fittest lead at Zignaly, while those not well-versed with investments follow them,” he elucidated.

In addition, Zignaly provides a one-window solution to a user’s investment needs. “While DEXs cater to the users’ need to swap tokens or add liquidity to pools, Zignaly goes above and beyond,” he said. “Be it portfolio management via the marketplace, staking on Zignaly vault, NFT whitelist raffles, or investing in IDOs on the ZIGPad, we cover it all, with the ZIG token empowering our products.”

Besides, he added, Zignaly is more secure than DEXes. It has multiple layers of security; users do not have to worry about hacked wallets and honey pot schemes on Zignaly.

Zignaly has a global team with over 35 members across 15 different countries. It has users from around the globe, including Turkey, Europe, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the subcontinent.

“Our mission has always been about more than just broadening access to alternative assets; it’s about a passive income revolution for everyday investors. Rather than agonising over every trade or consulting so-called ‘crypto influencers’ for help reading the tea leaves, Zignaly empowers everyone to profit off the investment moves made by experts with transparent performance histories,” Bordallo concluded.

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